Monday, December 8, 2008

Returning to the Motherland

It is time for me to announce to my dear students and friends that I am returning to India this winter. I am thrilled for so many reasons. First, I will be staying for 3 months! Something I have wanted to do for so long and has finally fallen into place. I know this will help me to deepen my relationship with Guruji and Sharath, at last. Second, my husband, Ben is coming with me! This is his first India trip and I have no doubt it will blow his a good way. We leave New York together and arrive in India on December 27th. We will spend one week in Goa, absorbing the sun, ocean, and celebrating the arrival of 2009. On January 3rd we move on to Mysore and will happily be yoga students! Ben returns home after one month (thank goodness for skype) and I return to teaching on April 1, 2009.

I am so grateful for the support I have received from everyone regarding this journey. I know it will be life altering, as India tends to be. Please do stay tuned in via my blog and website, to keep abreast of my trip and the exciting events upon my return. 

In the meantime I wish all of you an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. Peace, love, and light to all. Namaste.


Lara Corinne said...

How wonderful that you and Ben will be welcoming in this new year in beautiful Goa! This is certainly a trip that will strengthen not only your marriage bond, but enhance your practice and your resolve. Your students are blessed to have a teacher that is willing to make the sacrifices that India entails!

Wins said...

Welcome Back Sara!! Very Beautiful memories you have. I am glad that you are back. You always share your journey about your yoga classes which for I always wait. Thanks for all of this you did for us in the blog.

Wins Honey

Anonymous said...

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